5 Unexpected (Off the Mat) Benefits from Yoga

Truly some of the biggest joys of being a yoga teacher are hearing stories from people in my class about benefits that they have gained off the mat since they started practicing yoga. You come to class, you do the work, but what happens next? Most of the progress I’ve made in my own practice has been off the mat as opposed to on. Yes, I’ve gotten better at certain poses that were once difficult for me. I’ve found more flexibility on the mat (and off, but that’s certainly a benefit that you see on the mat too). I appreciate the benefits to my body, which can be seen on the mat, like more strength to hold planks longer and come through chaturungas with more ease than before, and off, like

Scientific Studies on the Benefits of Yoga

If you practice yoga regularly, you can probably see and feel some of the many positive effects it is having on you. I love the personal stories that I hear from clients, sharing changes in their bodies and minds (and even changes in numbers they’ve received from their doctors) and little things that they noticed along the way. But, if you’ve never done yoga or if you are more inclined to look to studies for proof rather than personal experiences, here are some studies that have shown a few of the many benefits of yoga. REDUCED ANXIETY: Studies in selected clinical trials using yoga as therapy found that yoga decreased resting blood pressure, increased parasympathetic tone, and reduced ph

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