Pose Breakdown - Balancing Half Moon

I got some great feedback and questions regarding my first pose breakdown of Downward Facing Dog, so I decided to do some more of these. I also posted a little description of a different balance pose on my Facebook page the other day, and people liked the challenge so I wanted to do a full breakdown of a balance pose. Balancing Half Moon (aka Ardha Chandrasana) is one of my favorite poses. Here’s a breakdown: BENEFITS -Improves your balance -Hip Opener -Strengthens thighs, calves and ankles -Strengthens the core HOW TO DO IT You can get into this pose from a variety of other poses. Let’s start out using the wall for support. I love teaching this pose with the wall when it’s possible, b

Girls Got Curves! (guest post)

I'm so excited to have a guest post today from fellow blogger, Rachael Schedewy from New Zealand. I've been following her blog for a bit and am happy that she is sharing her story here. Such an inspiring story and reminder that it's never too late to start your own wellness journey. Show her some love by reading her story below and then sending her a comment and following her at www.GirlsGotCurves.com My name is Rachael, I was an overweight and unhealthy 28 year old wife and mother of two. I have struggled weight for as long as I can remember, I have tried too many diets to count but can just never stick to them. I smoked, I didn't exercise enough and I ate far too much junk food. But thi

Reactivity...and What I Learned From My Dog

I am a huge dog lover. I volunteer at a local shelter and last year my husband and I adopted a dog from there. She came to the shelter with five other dogs who were rescued from what sounded like an abusive breeding situation and she was the oldest of these dogs at five years old. Each of the dogs came in with some issues and the shelter very clearly stated that they would need to be introduced to anything new slowly as they had some prior experiences that made them very nervous of the world around them. I don’t know exactly what the situation was where they came from but I heard some stories and got to spend time with each of the dogs and see their reactions to new things. We were told

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