Motivation Mondays are Here!!!

I've been mentioning Motivation Mondays are coming in September with some inspiring yoga stories...they are finally here! Check out Rita's Story, Katie's Story, Donna's Story and Deb's Story below. For the post that kicked it all off, How Can Yoga Help Me, click here. Love the stories? Sign up for our mailing list or follow us on facebook to stay up to date on all the latest inspiration. #MotivationMonday

Deb's Story

Deb is a business owner, helping leaders with complex business challenges and she is also a published author. She started coming to yoga back in March of 2014. She has been practicing 2 days a week for the last year and half and since starting yoga, has began a meditation practice that she incorporates into her schedule all 7 days of the week. HOW HAS YOGA HELPED YOUR WORK LIFE? Now 60, she’s always felt like a “spinning top.” She told me about how she used to go to parties with her husband and he would say that she couldn’t just focus on one thing; she was always asking questions and trying to talk to everyone. Yoga has helped her to feel physically and mentally calmer. Mentally, she ha

Donna's Story

Donna started practicing yoga 3 years ago at the age of 85. I can remember the first day that she came into my yoga class. She walked up to me before class started to let me know this was her first yoga class ever. I feel like a lot of people who come to class for the first time are (understandably) a little nervous, but I couldn’t tell if she was at the time. I gave her a few tips as we started class. She was already active, and had been all her life. When her kids were young she stayed home with them; but at 10:30 she would stop everything and exercise with the TV. Later when the kids were older she and her husband would go to the gym before work about 5am. Nowadays, in addition to

Katie's Story

Thank you so much to Katie for sharing her yoga story with us today! Katie is a 27 year old theater performer who started practicing yoga in July of 2014 and currently practices four times per week. Why Did You Start Practicing Yoga? Katie started practicing because of her anxiety and her seasonal allergies. Her allergies flare up in the spring and summer and a few weeks before she started coming to class she developed bronchitis. The bronchitis led to her wheezing when she exhaled and led to her using an inhaler. In addition to that, she wanted to vary up her exercise routine. She feels it adds a nice variation to her routine. Has Yoga Helped? She noticed that learning the breathing te

Rita's Story

Rita is a 79 year old retired teacher who started practicing yoga in August of 2013 and now practices 3 times per week. Her story is so interesting and inspirational; grab a seat and enjoy. When she first started yoga, certain daily activities were fairly challenging. She found it hard to brush her teeth or dry her hair because when she would stand, she would always have to have one hand down to support her to stand up. I know this is far more common as we age than many people would like to admit and I am so impressed that she went to seek out a yoga class and see if there was a chance it could help. These are no longer a problem now after coming to yoga. Let’s go back a little further an

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