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Now partnering with doctors in the chicago suburbs!

How Does this help You?

Makes Your Practice More Comprehensive

            An Extra Service To Offer Your Patients

            No Need to Hire a New Staff Member

Augments & Complements Your Services

Encourages Your Patients to Keep Moving Throughout the Week

Gives You Something You Can Feel Good About Recommending (Ease the Worry of Sending Patients to an Advanced Class with Exercises They Can't Keep Up With or Shouldn't Be Doing)

Easily Integrates Into Your Services

Financially Benefits Your Practice

What your patient gets

Simple, Easy to Follow Exercises

Safe and Gentle Movements to do Between Sessions


A Gentle Yoga Program Downloaded Right to Their Computer (or Phone, with App) That They Can Use in the Comfort & Privacy of Their Own Home

Guided Meditations to Help Them Relax

A VIP Group to Ask Questions (directly to the yoga instructor) and Find Motivation

Extra Guidance & Tips Every Month


Specific Programs Designed for Them (i.e. Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for a Healthy Back, etc)

Contact amy for more information 

How is my methodology different?

My style is encouraging, relaxing and calming.  It is easy to follow, gentle and simplified so that it is easy for beginners to learn and grow with.  

I have found much success with all ages and love serving the underserved markets looking for a gentle yoga style, like pregnant women, seniors, those new to yoga or just getting back into exercise and those recovering from surgeries and even serious illnesses.

Please take a look at the testimonials from my current clients.

our process is simple

learn about

our program

Sign up as

referring dr




Get Paid

We'll work with you every step of the way and give you everything you need to make sure you are referring the right patients that will benefit from the programs.  I want you to feel good about recommending our programs to your patients.

Interested in checking out studies that show the effectiveness of yoga with different health conditions?  


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