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how to download our videos

1.  Click the DOWNLOAD Button for the appropriate video

2.  It will take you to where our videos are hosted on Gumroad.  Click the I WANT THIS Button

3.  Enter your email address.  Enter your payment info.

4.  Click PAY. 

5.  Enter info required (email address, credit card)

6.  A receipt will pop up.  You can view the video there.  An email will also be sent to the email address you provided.

7.  Watch the video or download from either of these pages.  (the buttons say "watch or "download")

8.  (optional) At the bottom of the page it says Login to your account (email address & password) --this will add video to your library so you can store all your videos together.

9.  (optional) If you add to your library, you can also download the Gumroad app and have the videos stored directly on your phone (just download the free app and login)

10.  Any questions?  Email me at:

Click BACK in your browser to return to the download page

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