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Challenge Your Balance with Warrior 3

Tuesday Tip of the Day: Challenge your balance with Warrior 3! Warrior 3 is a great one for all levels because there are so many variations to suit where you are today. As with any balance pose, be sure to practice on both sides and feel free to use a wall or counter (or something sturdy) for support. Start with one foot back and feel free to keep the toes of that foot down (let's call this variation 1). You can bring the foot up a little (var 2) or a lot (var 3, as shown--you wouldn't want to come up any higher than this). Keep your hips squared to the floor (you know how sometimes our bodies twist and one hip ends up higher than the other? Not in this pose. Imagine you have headlights in your hips and you want them shining down on the ground). Your hands can be at heart center (this is great to help keep yourself centered and stabilized). They can reach back behind you are be out to the sides like airplane wings (another great way to stabilize yourself). For more of a challenge, reach the arms forward. Reach forward through the crown of your head and back through your heel (with your foot flexed) so that you feel as though your body is reaching in opposite directions and being lengthened. How did you do with this one? Were you able to hold it longer than tree pose or was it more challenging? 


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