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Hakini Mudra

Mudras are another aspect of yoga that you may not have learned in your yoga class. They are basically yoga for your hands. Mudras are hand gestures or positions that, much like yoga poses (asanas) are said to have different effects on the body and mind. They can also be used in conjunction with asanas to intensify their effects.

For today, we will be learning one specific mudra known as "Hakini Mudra."

Hakini Mudra can be practiced anytime; anywhere. Sometimes you may even notice yourself doing it without even realizing it! It is a very natural gesture. It is done by placing all the fingertips together on both hands. It is fabulous in helping you to remember something--great to keep in your back pocket for trying to remember someone's name or remember something you were trying to say during a presentation.

I'm told it's even more effective if you also place the tip of your tongue on your gums while inhaling and let the tongue fall while exhaling. Take a deep breath--and what you are trying to remember should occur to you!

**UPDATE (Aug 2017) Since teaching this one in my classes, I have had several people come up and tell me how this mudra has worked for them (much to their surprise!). I have also used this MANY times, and have found success in: finding an item that I had lost, remembering the name of a place I went 20 years ago when I got together with friends and we were trying to think of it, and countless times trying to remember silly little things, like where I knew someone from, that probably would have driven me crazy trying to remember for the next hour had I not used this technique to remember.

I would love to hear your experience with this one! Feel free to send me a message at

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