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Everyday Yoga with Amy DVD

Everyday Yoga with Amy (my new video!)


Take a mental vacation and bring some calmness back into your day with Everyday Yoga with Amy.   This flowing style of yoga offers modifications to fit your needs today.  Create more flexibility and strength, both physical and mental while learning skills you can take with you off the mat and into your life.  Leave the mat feeling more focused and refreshed than when you stepped onto it.  Experience the transformative effects of yoga with a practice you can incorporate into your life every day. 


Running TIme: 60 minutes


Please Note: There are now two versions, a physical DVD and a digital download.  Make sure you are buying from the correct page (they are clearly marked).


If you want the physical DVD mailed to you, CLICK HERE.


If you prefer the digital download for your iPad or other device, you will receive an immediate download.  CLICK HERE  


These are two separate items.  Please send me a message if you are unsure which to choose.

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