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Katie's Story

Thank you so much to Katie for sharing her yoga story with us today!

Katie is a 27 year old theater performer who started practicing yoga in July of 2014 and currently practices four times per week.

Why Did You Start Practicing Yoga?

Katie started practicing because of her anxiety and her seasonal allergies. Her allergies flare up in the spring and summer and a few weeks before she started coming to class she developed bronchitis. The bronchitis led to her wheezing when she exhaled and led to her using an inhaler.

In addition to that, she wanted to vary up her exercise routine. She feels it adds a nice variation to her routine.

Has Yoga Helped? She noticed that learning the breathing techniques in yoga has definitely helped with her wheezing.

Yoga has helped her with stress management and has positively influenced her. Throughout most of her life, she has had anxiety and this has helped her manage it a bit. If she ever feels any kind of panic attack or anxiety coming on, she has something to help her now. She said this is another outlet to help her.

What Other Areas of Your Life Has Yoga Improved? Katie was a theater major in college and still does theater and musical/dance productions. Since starting yoga, she noticed it helped her balance and flexibility. While she has always been fairly flexible, this has helped to really fine tune it. Her muscle tone has increased and she can notice more definition in her arms since starting.

Why Else Do You Stick With It?

She feels this is a nice variation to her exercise routine. In addition to yoga (and dance productions) she has a personal trainer with whom she does some resistance training. She feels like this is something she’s committed to as part of her exercise routine.

She says, “I think yoga is something that everyone should try regardless of their experience level” and is something that “anyone can benefit from.”

Thanks so much, Katie! Sounds like yoga helps physically, mentally and even at work! Your story is an inspiration and I’m so glad to be able to share it with the Everyday Yoga Escape community!

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