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People often ask me about the yoga products and personal development tools that I recommend or what I use and like, so I created a page with the products and books that I recommend and personally use.  Please note that some of these are affiliate links, so if you buy a product through the link, it will be the same cost to you but Everyday Yoga Escape will earn a small commission on your purchase.  These are all truly products that I recommend because they are useful and helpful, and I only recommend items that I would actually use and recommend to a friend.


Empower Your Mind

I've been studying with The Proctor Gallagher Institute for the past several years and it has been life changing!  The links in this section will take you to more information regarding their personal development programs.  Bob Proctor has been studying the mind for nearly 60 years - if you can tell him what you want, he can show you how to get it. 


6 Minutes to Success -

If being ‘stuck’ or frustrated is compromising your dreams – stop what you're doing and watch this video now.

Magic In Your Mind

We all have Magic in Our Minds – an untapped resource of our higher mental faculties – that’s designed to help us achieve ANYTHING we truly want ... IF we know how to use them properly.


Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club

LIVE with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher each and every week. They share powerful lessons, what they’re currently studying, big ideas and take Q&A.

If you are interested in taking your life to the next level I highly recommend joining this powerful program. 

Yoga Books

This is a great book whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for a long time.  It is the first book they had us read for my yoga certification and it breaks everything down really nicely and breaks down poses into easy to understand terms.  This would be my #1 recommendation for a general yoga book.

Baron Baptiste is an amazing Power Yoga teacher, so I would recommend his book if you are into Power Yoga and looking to push yourself. Probably not so appropriate for my gentle yogis that I often love to work with, but great for anyone really looking to push yourself and expand with yoga.

This is a really deep read, so prepare yourself! It's almost like sitting down to read the bible.  I would recommend this if you are looking to learn the philosophies and that was your main concern (see also The Yoga Sutras).

Really cool book written by an internal medicine doctor who discovered the benefits of yoga and turned to a full time therapeutic yoga researcher.  I have so much respect hearing an MDs take on yoga.  This book breaks down different conditions including cancer, diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome and more to discuss specific ways that yoga can help each one, even offering poses and special considerations.  Highly recommend!

Another really deep read.  Don't think you are going to take this book on vacation as a light read.  If you are truly interested in the philosophies of yoga, I related to this one more than the Bhagavad Gita but they are both appropriate if you are thinking about becoming a yoga teacher or want to deeply understand ancient yoga spiritual insights.

I teach a yin yoga class, so for my yin yogis looking to learn more, I would recommend this one.  It's a bit of a different style than my typical yoga class, as we hold the poses for several minutes at a time.  If you are looking to learn about this style of yoga specifically (yin), this is a great book to learn more.

Great Reads

These books aren't specific to yoga, but they are a great accompaniment to a yoga practice and they are books that I truly love.  

If you are looking for a great read, here you go!


After reading this book, I bought a copy for my sister, my parents and several close friends.  Broken down into four sections to help you create a life you will love (spiritual, personal, professional, and physical), this book gives stories and examples, but also gives good questions to ask yourself to create your own full life.  The book includes a workbook in each chapter to help you live with intention and purpose and create a life you will love.  This one would be a great one to bring on vacation or to keep to read by your bed to help you reflect and live your fullest life.  Highly recommend!

You've probably heard of the Power of Now. This is a smaller version of the book with exercises from the original.  This is a great little reminder to live in the present moment.

I like a lot of Deepak Chopra's books and cds, but some of his spiritual teachings are more difficult to understand.  I thought this was a great book and a far easier read than some of his others.  This is my favorite of all his books that I have read.  

Items for Yoga Class

The only real necessity here is the yoga mat, but I include the other items incase you are looking for these items specifically.  I think the block and strap are really nice to have, but if you are just starting out, see if you need them before you buy them.  

Even if your gym or studio provides mats, I highly recommend you bring your own.  This is the yoga mat brand that I use.  I like it because it is a little thicker and you can get different designs.  

I recommend a yoga block because they are a great prop when reaching towards the ground and also for some restorative poses.  I have to be honest though, I'm not super picky on my yoga block (I just like to have one), but this is the same brand as my mat.

Not a necessity, but if you are going to a studio or gym that doesn't provide towels, just wanted to mention you may want a towel.  Heard good things about this brand, have not tried it and please be aware this towel is NOT the mat sized towel that you see some people using, it is just a towel to wipe off with.

Nice to have, but you may not need it depending on the poses you are doing and if you are going somewhere that provides them. Much like the block, I'm not that picky on the style.


Tried 'em; liked 'em.  Good for cold days when you don't want to be barefoot.  I really like this brand because they have a nice grip.  They come in different fun styles and colors.

Cute Tie Dyes for Class

My absolute favorite yoga pants!  Pants pictured are a sample only--all of her tie dyes are one of a kind!  

Use the coupon code:


for 15% off your order!

By no means a necessity but I have a pair that I wore to yoga in the winter and was asked about them every time I wore them because they are adorable.  Barefoot feel, can use for yoga or barre classes.

Yoga Related / Energy Healing Books


If you are interested in specific yoga topics, here are a few items that may be of interest to you

If you are interested in learning more about the chakras, this is a nice resource and has a meditation and poses for each chakra.

Another resource if you are interested in the chakras--includes a workbook and audio cds.

If you are interested in learning about different mudras (hand positions that can be used in conjunction with yoga poses or as their own for your hands), this is a resource.

Energy Medicine easily goes hand in hand with yoga.  Fascinating book breaking down your body's energy systems (chakras, meridians, etc).  Not a yoga book, but compliments yoga well if you are interested in some of the other aspects besides simply the poses

Yoga with your Kids

These are awesome!  I taught kids yoga for a while (ages 6-15) and they always asked to do the yoga cards.  They have adorable hand drawn pictures of the poses along with basic descriptions so that kids can describe the pose to you and figure it out for themselves.  I loved using these cards with the kids and highly recommend them if you want to do yoga with your kids or teach them yoga poses and breathing techniques.

Made by the same people who made the Yoga Pretzels cards (see left).  Great for when you want some additional cards with new poses and games (the kids liked these too).  If you just want one, I would go with the Yoga Pretzels Cards instead.

And with Your Baby and Prenatal

How cool is it that babies can do yoga?!?

Please Note: this is a digital download book.  Not specifically a yoga book, though she does mention some prenatal yoga poses.  I teach prenatal yoga and found this book to be a great accompaniment to prenatal yoga—gives nutrition recommendations, fitness tips and all around advice for a fit pregnancy.

The continuation of Itsy Bitsy Yoga as your child grows up.

Almost too cute for words.  I teach Mother and Infant yoga and this book is the best!  Great for babies up to about 18 months, teaches you how to help them to digest better, sleep longer and have some great bonding time together.  Teach them young!  Baby yoga is so much fun.  Also a great baby shower gift!

Yoga Mat Shoes

These aren't for using in yoga class, but they are shoes made out of actual yoga mats.  

You will feel like you are barefoot with your mat underneath you all day long!  They are pretty awesome!

I love these shoes!  They are so comfortable because they are made out of yoga mats and they are really cute too!  I had two pairs that I wore all the time last year and was stopped everywhere I went with people asking me where I got them.  

I want these in every color!  I love them.  By far, the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.  I feel like I am walking on my yoga mat all day.  So cute and so comfortable. Not to use in yoga class, but you will want to wear them all the time.

Very much like the women's flip flop version; my husband has these and they feel just like mine.  Super comfortable.  Again, for walking around, not for practicing yoga.

Our Online Yoga Studio

Join our Online Yoga Studio - Here's what you get

  • Yoga "Classes" - Full access to our easy to follow yoga videos

(varying lengths and styles so you can always fit them into your day)

  • Guided Meditations - Full access to our relaxing guided meditations & sleep stories

  • Energy Healing Techniques

  • Your own personal yoga instructor so you never feel alone in your practice - Access to the yoga instructor on the videos and via messaging and community forum for questions

  • Pose breakdowns - so that you are clear on how to do the pose and potential benefits 

  • Modifications to fit your body - so you never force your body into a pose that isn't right for you

  • Breakdowns of breathing techniques - to enhance your practice and use in your everyday life to calm down

  • An online yoga community 

Yoga Teeshirts

Check out my new yoga teeshirt store on teespring!  All premium quality, great soft material.  Cute yoga designs.  

Womens and mens styles available.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to placing your order.  Orders are shipped directly from Teespring.





Available in women's and men's styles.  Premium quality teeshirts; they are really soft!  Available in 3 styles--fitted, triblend and crew. Sizes range from XS-3XL (depends on style you choose) and comes in a variety of colors.  The fitted and triblend styles run small, I recommend going up AT LEAST one size. Tees are shipped directly from Teespring and take about 2 weeks to arrive (usually less)

Please see the description of the Breathe Teeshirt--same styles available, just different colors.  So soft!  The triblend is my favorite, but they are all great quality.

The shirt says: The Light In Me Honors and Acknowledges the Light In You--NAMASTE

Available in several colors.  Sizes range from S-2XL--runs a bit small, I recommend ordering one size up. Orders take about 2 weeks to arrive (usually a little less).

All designs availble for men as well in a variety of colors.  Sizes range from XS-3XL.  See description above for Breathe Teeshirt for more info.

See description for BREATHE teeshirt--same styles available, sizes XS-3XL.  Orders take about 2 weeks to arrive.  

Sweatshirts available now for fall!  They come in several different designs, click on the sweatshirt to come through to our Teespring store and click on the design you like to see if it is available (many shirts are available in a variety of style, but the shop only shows one style until you click on it.  Hoodies come in sizes S - 5XL.  Orders take about 2 weeks to arrive (or less).


I've been getting a lot of compliments on my long sleeve tee (I have this exact one), but it doesn't look like the picture.  It fits nicely, but it is short and wide.  If you wear a tank top underneath it looks great. It is a lot shorter than it looks in this picture.  Teespring does have a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days if it doesn't fit right or if you don't love it.  

The newest design.  Comes in a variety of styles and colors.  Shirt says: 

I Am Grounded, Stable, Rooted, Alive, Strong, Fully Present


Everyday Journals 

Find my positivity journals - now on Amazon!

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