How to get into Reclining Queen Pose

Tuesday Tip of the Day is: Reclining Queen pose. Truth be told, I learned this in my prenatal yoga training, but it is a great restorative pose for every body. It's also a great savasana alternative for pregnant women. Set up a blanket under your hips. I have yoga blocks under my knees, but you can use pillows (or no props). Put pillows or blankets on a couch or chair behind you. This pose takes a little prep work with the props, but it's worth it. I have one of those pillows behind me that has a back with arms (I'm not sure what they're called, but you always see them at the stores in the fall when college kids are going back to school), but you definitely don't need one of these pillows for the pose. So sit down on the blanket with the bottoms of your feet together and recline your head back onto the couch. Relax your shoulders. Let your arms rest comfortably. Close your eyes and just focus on your breath for a few minutes. Enjoy! 

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