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Mudras (a little bit about what they are)

Tuesday Tip of the Day is a little bit about ✨Mudras✨. The word has several different meanings, but for our purposes, today we are discussing specifically hand mudras, which can be used by themselves or as a seal for meditation or along with a yoga pose. A mudra is a gesture or hand position that is intended to direct energy flow within our bodies. There are many different hand mudras. Mudras use the healing power of our hands and are said to have different physical and emotional effects. The book "Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands" by Gertrud Hirschi has an interesting little experiment in it...sit quietly and place your thumb and index finger together 👌 and think about something wonderful for a few minutes while you do this. Notice the energy as it flows from the index finger to your thumb. ✨. Now do the same gesture, but think about something very sad. Notice a difference? Did the energy feel dull the second time? Are you interested in learning more about mudras? Let me know! 


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