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Quick Breakdown of Eagle Pose

Our Tuesday Tip of the day is a quick breakdown of Eagle Pose.  If you're in my classes, you've probably seen the seated version of this many times. But did you know that it comes from a standing balance pose? Much like seated eagle 🦅 whichever arm is on the bottom is the leg that is on top. To come into the pose, start out in chair pose, with your hands at heart center. Cross your left leg over your right leg. Depending on your flexibility, you can tuck your foot (as shown) or leave it free. If you want a little extra support, you can put a block there to rest your foot on. So you are still sitting back, like in chair and your legs are now crossed. Reach your left arm out in front of you. Cross your right arm on top (like an X, with the right elbow on top of the left). Start to twist your arms together so that either the back of the hands come together or the palms come together (shown in pic). Focus your gaze on something that is staying still. Breathe. Come over to the other side. If the standing version is new to you, you can work on just the arms or just the legs until you feel comfortable with that and then add on the other part. 


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