Tuesday Tip(s) of the Day - Yoga Studio Etiquette

Our Tuesday Tip of the Day is actually some quick tips on Yoga Studio Etiquette. Each studio will have their own vibe and etiquette, so read up on any rules that they post. But here are some general guidelines when you are entering a new studio:

1) Leave everything at the door, literally and figuratively:

a) Your cell phone should be outside of the room and the ringer should be off

b) The yoga studio is considered a sacred space; as such, it is advised to remove your shoes before entering the room

c) Leave any negative energy outside the room - really! You don't want to bring that vibe into the room. Leave your worries and problems at the door, even if it is just for the moment.

2) Arrive a few minutes early (if you are brand new to the studio, arrive at least 15 minutes early to get set up)

3) Bring in an attitude of mindfulness

a) Find quiet contemplation before and during class - this isn't time to catch up with friends

b) Focus internally and on your breath; don't worry if your pose looks a little different than someone elses (keep your focus on your own mat)

c) Roll out your mat quietly and mindfully as to not disturb the other yogis when you come in

d) Be aware of your space and don't touch or step on anyone else's mat

4) Take note of the atmosphere in the room. Every studio and teacher will be different, so take notice of what is appropriate from others that have been there before.

5) Don't worry if you decide to modify or take a rest; however don't go off on your own flow either, unless there is a portion of the class that encourages it. Going off into a totally different flow can be disruptive and sometimes confusing to others in the class.

6) Have fun!

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