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welcome to everyday yoga escape!

video downloads

Just looking for a single video set?  Download once, keep forever

Gentle yoga & relaxation starter set:

includes several short (under 15 min each) gentle yoga practices and guided meditations. Great for beginners or anyone looking to add relaxation into a busy day!  also includes access to our vip insider club.


Yoga step up set (intermediate)

includes one hour long practice for a beginner/intermediate yoga student along with 2 shorter (under 15 min) practices and guided meditations.  Also includes access to our vip insider club.

Prenatal Yoga & meditation set


-three short yoga flow videos designed specifically for women throughout all stages of pregnancy & three short guided meditations to relax you during your pregnancy.  Also includes access to our vip insider club.

Yoga for a healthy back series


-several short (under 15 min each) gentle yoga flows, specifically designed to stretch and strengthen the back and core.  also includes a couple short meditations for relaxation.  includes access to our vip insider club.

Meditation set


several guided meditations of varying lengths (2 to 10 min each) to incorporate into your day any time you need some relaxation!  also includes access to our vip insider club.

(some are included on our other sets; if you have purchased another set, please email for a coupon code before you download

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