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Looking for more ways to transform your personal growth?  I've been working with a top coach, Mariko Fujimura, with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and I'd love to help you have the opportunity to chat with her!


I am so honored to be a part of Inner Circle member of Proctor Gallagher Institute! 

It is surreal and am overflowing with gratitude because when I first watched the movie The Secret over twelve years ago, I took a sheet of paper and written down then that I want to work with Bob Proctor and take this information worldwide.

Today, that is exactly what I do! I now have clients all over the world and am supported by the most amazing organization, clients and team who are working endlessly towards the same vision of elevating ones’ consciousness including the entire planets’ 🌏

You see, this rather happened very quickly for me. 16 months to be exact once I made the decision. Now, how does this happen? You might not know it and believe yet but everything happens by law of the universe. You can literally have anything you want and I literally mean anything you truly desire from your heart 💗 

I also know this for sure. I progressed fast because I have a phenomenal mentor guiding me to apply the material. A great mentor can speed up your progress in a lightening speed✨They believe in you when your belief in yourself isn’t there yet. 

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