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Tips to Improve your Balance Poses

yoga balance poses

I get questions a lot about to how to get better at standing balance poses. If you are new to yoga or simply looking to improve on a balance pose you find challenging, here are a few tips for you:

*Find something to focus on that is staying still. Oftentimes in classes, I see people struggling with the pose because they are looking in the mirror or looking at something that might move (like the teacher!) as they find their focus. Focus on something that will keep still.

*Keep breathing! It's so easy to hold your breath while you are focused on balancing. Do you ever notice that when you find something difficult or you are really focused on something, that you hold your breath? You aren't alone! It's a good thing to become aware of so that you can change it. Maintain a calm, easy breath throughout.

*Find a strong core by drawing your belly button in towards your spine.

*Feel your feet fully rooted and grounded. Feel free to start by rooting both feet down before you come into the pose. Draw energy up from the earth into your core. Stand tall and strong and imagine that nothing can bring you down.

*Don't be afraid to use a wall or counter or something sturdy to hold on to--especially when you are just starting out or if a pose is particularly challenging for you. They get easier the more you do them!

*Know that every day your body feels a little different. Some days are easier than others, so don't be too hard on yourself if a pose is more challenging today than it was yesterday. Yes, over time they should get easier, but we've got days where we feel more focused than others. Let it go and practice again tomorrow.

You've got this! Just keep practicing and don't worry. All comes in time.

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