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Find Your Inner Warrior! (warrior 2 pose breakdown)

Time for another tip of the day! Warrior 2 pose breakdown.

Warrior 2 Pose is an all over strengthener. I like to describe this pose using a yoga mat, so if you aren’t standing a yoga mat, imagine one and where you would be standing.

Warrior 2 should be done on both sides. Let’s start with the right foot forward, but after you try it on this side, read it again and replace “right” with “left” to get into the pose.

Bring your right foot forward and your left foot back. Your hips open to the long side of the mat as your front (right) foot and knee face forward toward the front of the mat. Your front knee should be bent (and should never come past your front foot). Your back (left) foot is parallel to the back of the mat. Heels should be aligned with one another, so if you are just starting out, feel free to use the long side of the mat to align your heels (place them along the edge of the mat so you can feel the alignment). Keep your hips open to the other long side of the mat and stack your shoulders over your hips. Reach your arms towards the front and back. Arms should be active and strong, never limp in this pose. Palms face down as you turn your head towards your front hand. Breathe. Stay here for 3-5 full breaths. Then move to the other side.

Warrior 2 is a great pose to flow into other warriors and a place I come back to often as I move through the warriors throughout a class.


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