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New Yoga Videos Available Now

Want to do some yoga at home??? The timing on these couldn't be better with the stress of the holidays coming soon and the shortage of time that seems to go along with it. Check out our AUDIO & VIDEO page! We have several new short yoga videos and guided meditations available now! I kept each video short so you can ALWAYS have time for yoga :), even on your busiest day. You can purchase individual videos for $4 (about the price of a latte) or a compilation of four short yoga videos and two short guided meditations (total 55 minutes) for $15 (less than the price of one class at a studio). They can be downloaded right here on our site and played directly from your computer, tablet or even smartphone!

You can download all videos from our AUDIO & VIDEO page.

Here are short descriptions of each of them:

Gentle Yoga for a Good Night's Sleep: 13 minutes. Sleep better tonight with this relaxing slow flow set with a beautiful background at a Cenote in Mexico.

A Day at the Beach Yoga: 10 minutes. This flowing style of gentle yoga will help you find your everyday yoga escape. Gentle flow on the beach with the Gulf of Mexico waves crashing in the background.

Wake Up Gratitude Meditation: 5 minutes. A quick guided meditation to start your day! Find calmness to keep with you throughout your day as you open yourself up to gratitude. It only takes 5 minutes to feel calm and energized.

Gentle Balance Flow: 12.5 minutes. Designed to help you improve your balance (so you don't need superior balance to try it!), this flow is gentle enough even for those new to yoga.

Beach Waves Meditation: 7.5 minutes. Relaxing guided meditation with a background of ocean waves at sunset (we actually filmed ocean waves in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico--voiceover plays over the waves to guide you into a place of relaxtion for your body and mind).

The Everyday Yoga Escape Compliation video includes all of the above videos as well as the 7 minute Gentle Energizing Wake Up video, that is currently free on our Audio & Video page.

When you purchase any of these videos, it will automatically download so you will be able to view it right away. They are downloaded from Gumroad and if you want, you are able to create a free Gumroad account and download their app (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT TO PURCHASE VIDEOS) so you can have all your videos saved together and take them on the go on your smartphone. It is optional to create an account and download their app, but I do recommend it if you are looking to take your videos with you on your phone.

If you buy any or all of these videos and don't love them, send me an email within 30 days and I'll buy you a coffee (no really, I'll refund your money if you don't love them).

Any questions? Please send me an email at


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