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One Pose to Use in Place of Downward Dog and Child's Pose

Tuesday Tip of the Day: One Pose that can be used in place of Child's Pose and Downward Facing Dog

Often child’s pose is used in class as a resting pose. And while it is restful for many, if you find this pose highly uncomfortable, it may be less of a rest and more of a pain. And downward dog, lovely as it is, is not always that restful. Along comes (extended) Puppy Pose!

Puppy pose is a great pose that is truly in between these two poses. You can use it as an alternate to either downward dog or child’s pose at any time throughout the class.

Puppy pose starts on hands and knees. Instead of bringing your hips back to your heels, as you would in childs pose, hips stay above the knees. Arms stretch out in front of you, much like both of the other poses. Press your hands into the mat and stretch through the arms as you bring your head down towards the ground. Even though the knees are down, the hips are still lifted, pressing up much like downward facing dog. Breathe.

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